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Vice Yin-Yang


People naturally gravitate to one side of a story based on their beliefs, values, and stances; but they also agree that well-rounded people can form their own perspective by picking from both sides of the facts. Unfortunately, people don’t know where to turn to find equally unbiased commentaries on current events.

Taking inspiration from the Chinese Philosophy of the Yin-Yang and VICE’s irreverent way of delivering the news, we’re introducing VICE Yin-Yang: A news outlet under Vice Media showcasing many news articles from both sides of the aisle in a new interactive way.

 Future Lions 2017 I Shortlist

ADDYS 2017 I Gold

 District 2 ADDYS 2017 I Gold

2017 ANDY Awards I Finalist

2017 Golden Award of Montreux I Finalist

Creative Conscience 2017 I Shortlist

Summit Awards 2017 I Shortlist

Applied Arts Award 2017

Communication Arts 2017, November Issue Feature

CW: Stephanie Vicari & Haley Jackson

AD: Filipe Nogueira