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Stick IT TO SEXISM, Jack Morton Worldwide

Activism is in style. Facebook feeds have become political feeds, the protest tee is back and a Sunday afternoon march is the new Sunday brunch. For Women's History Month, I had the privilege of working with Jack Morton Worldwide in creating a movement for women who work in agencies. Throughout the month of March we engaged with Jack Morton employees through newsletters, talks, trainings and experiences that educate about bias, sexism and the challenges women face in marketing. 

So to push this movement, every week we covered our offices with #StickItToSexism bumper stickers that have the facts, ideas and stories people need to understand in order to combat sexism at work and in life. 

Week 1: Taking bias off the table by joining the conversation and sticking it to sexism. 

Week 2: Instruments of change by tackling visibility. 

Week 3: Feminism is for everybody so we shared the women and the ideas we ought to know.