Fight for Mobility by NHL

Since fighting is encouraged in Hockey, it’s ranked as the least watched sport among sports fans. But whenever there’s a fight in a public outing, bystanders stop to watch and record.

#FightforMobility is a campaign that turns non-hockey fans into hockey fans.

Every time hockey players fight in-game, money will be donated to the Concussion Legacy Foundation for research to help prevent symptoms and effects from concussions for athletes in all sport categories. When it comes to the fight towards a good cause, there are no rivalries.


Countdown Begins: OOH screens will turn on whenever there’s a live hockey fight. It’ll begin with an engaging countdown.


Watch to Donate: Facial recognition technology tracks the headcount. The more people that stop to watch the game, the more money will be raised.  


Snap & Share to Win: Share the fight using the hashtag #fightformobility with a friend who really hates hockey. Their friends view will convert to donations as well. User who shares the fight with the most friends will win 2 tickets to a hockey game in their city.

CW: Stephanie Vicari 

AD: Michelle Noel