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Let's Make Our Buds Weiser


The 2016 election is one of the most divisive and tumultuous moments in recent history, and it seems that much of the turmoil is showing up across social media platforms. Millennials are keyboard warriors. It’s now easier to complain about politics in America than to take action. While millennials may miss the majority of political TV ads, they consume vast amounts of political opinions from the friends they follow on social media.

Budweiser is a brand that brings people together. By using Budweiser as the vehicle to get people to shut up, we hoped to get their hands off of the keyboards and onto an ice cold Bud with friends.

Because social media is not the real world, America is — so let’s make our buds “weiser.”

PSA from Budweiser

PSA Video introduces the "Let's Make Our Buds Weiser" social media campaign and teaches users what action to take in making their buds weiser. 

Landing Page Takeover landing page takeover includes varieties of Gif lookup. Users can post directly to their friends' walls. Gifs range from both past presidents and presidential candidates, all the way to current. 

CW: Stephanie Vicari

AD: Caitlin Hickey